Strippers Being Awarded Millions Is A Landmark Decision For America

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A group of female strippers in Philadelphia are now very rich after a federal judge awarded them millions of dollars. reported the following on the situation:

A federal judge in Philadelphia has awarded $4.6 million to a group of erotic dancers after a jury agreed the women were cheated out of their wages and tips at the Penthouse Club in the city’s Port Richmond neighborhood.

The jury on Thursday found the club did not pay dancers the required minimum hourly wage of $7.50. They were inappropriately ordered to pay “tip outs” to a host of other club employees. On a Friday evening, for instance, the fees could include $25 to management, $15 to the DJ, $10 to the “house mom,” $5 to the emcee, $5 to security workers, and $6 to valets. Dancers had to pay the valet even if they did not have a car.

You think you can cheat strippers out of money and get away with it? Not in this country, my friends. Not in this country. Those are future doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals. They deserve every single penny coming their way.

What type of person makes you pay a valet charge if you don’t even have a car? Are you kidding me? Five dollars to security? Are we in Baghdad or something? I am repulsed by the club owner who exploited these young women. He better hope he never ends up on one of their operating tables in about 15 years.

I’ve never been to Penthouse Club, and I don’t think I’ll be going. The reality of the situation is that nobody on the internet is a bigger supporter of women’s rights than I am. Nobody comes even close, and guess what? Strippers are women too. This is disgusting to me. I’m glad the judge hammered the judgement. We can’t let our women be taken advantage of. Not on my watch. Not in a million years.

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