White House Reporters Do Their Best To Race Bait — Sarah Sanders Makes Them Instantly Regret It

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders batted away reporters’ best attempts at race baiting Wednesday.


“There are a lot of African-American moms all across the country feel as though their sons are die,” NBC News’ Kristen Welker said. “Doesn’t the president feel like he needs to do something about that?”

Sanders swatted away the attempt at race-baiting.

“I think we should do every single thing we can every day to protect the people of this country,” Sanders said.

“I think the president–whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, male or female, rich or poor, we look for ways to protect the individuals in this country, particularly children. That’s why you’ve seen the president take an active role over the last several months in school safety and looking at ways. We want to do that across the board, whether the kid is in a school, whether they’re at home, no matter where they are in this country, kids should feel safe.” (RELATED: ‘I Just Answered This…’ — Sarah Sanders Gets Snappy At Reporter Over Gun Control)

Sanders then touted the accomplishments of the Trump administration and what they’re accomplished for all Americans.

“That’s why this president has focused on the safety and security as a big part of the priorities of this administration, both through securing our borders and stopping the flow of drugs, stopping the flow of gangs, stopping the number of school shootings by the Stop School Violence act, the background system. I’m not saying it’s perfect. Until every child is safe, we can always do more and we’re going to show up every day for work trying to do exactly that.”

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