Stormy Daniels Is Coming To Washington D.C., Do Journalists Have To Go?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Stormy Daniels is Washington D.C. bound, and it looks like journalists must now decide if they’re going to catch a show.

Daniels, who has claimed to have an affair with President Donald Trump, will be headlining the Cloakroom’s re-opening on June 20th, according to a release from the club.

Guess who’s coming to town?!?

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A spokesperson for the Cloakroom told the Washingtonian, “Stormy actually has a lot more to say but per her attorney’s request, she can not say anything too much right now. We are still working out the details with what Stormy’s visit will entail.”

This leaves journalists residing in D.C. with a pretty big decision weighing on our shoulders. Are we obligated to see her dance/perform?

Good mornin, haters! #tbt #texasgirl

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I have thought about this question long and hard ever since I heard the big news. I think the answer is yes, we must attend. Now, I’m sure that you’re all just thinking journalists are looking for an excuse to be in a strip club and get drunk. Look, this isn’t an absurd notion for you to have.

Journalists are, generally speaking, absolute losers who couldn’t get with a woman if their lives depended on it. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s true. Most male journalists I know would get weak in the knees if any woman about a hard six shot them a wink. They’re a weak kind of people.

A strip club is also a super easy way to see naked women. They’re not going to sleep with you, and only a delusional person would think different. So, naturally, it makes sense why journalists would be flocking to a club.

However, I think we need to be there for a reason other than easy access to naked women, which shouldn’t be understated. I’m more interested in what she has to say. What is she feeling? What is on her mind? What are her ambitions? What are her goals? I care about her mind, and not her body. Major props to me.

Will I be in attendance? I would like to be out partying with friends on June 20, but I guess it’s my duty to dig into the brain of Stormy Daniels. Strap in gentlemen, because things might get crazy.

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