Stop What You’re Doing And Read This Letter Trump Sent To A Little Boy With A Dying Father

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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An 8-year-old North Carolina boy is on a desperate mission to save his father’s life.

The President of the United States just stepped in to help.

Trae Putnam has a rare blood disease that is causing serious kidney failure. After three years of waiting for a kidney transplant, his son, Fore Putnam, took matters into his own hands. Fore wrote to three people he thought could help find his father a new kidney: Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump and Santa Claus.

Facebook/Trae Putnam

Facebook/Trae Putnam

Facebook/Trae Putnam

Facebook/Trae Putnam

Facebook/Trae Putnam

Fore prayed hard, according to local WBTV reporting, and with the assistance of his grandmother sent all three the letter below:


A letter addressed from the White House came in the mail soon after. The letter was from the president and First Lady.

It read:

Dear Fore,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am so sorry to hear that your dad is going through a difficult time. It is clear that you care so much for him. I have shared your letter with my staff and they are working to see what help they can provide.

I can tell you are a brave young man with a big heart. I admire your determination to make sure your dad has the support and resources he needs to feel better. I hope you know how much joy and encouragement you already bring him.

Mrs. Trump and I will keep you and your dad in our thoughts and prayers.


Courtesy Putnam Family

There are many moments of cold inhumanness in politics.

We should celebrate the ones that show that politicians are people, too.