Women Republican Leaders Seek Ways To Make Voices Heard

Morgan Caplan Contributor
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The Republican National Committee is making a push for conservative women in leadership positions, boasting their accomplishments in the political scene.

The RNC forum honored National Women’s Month with a discussion on conservative women in politics on Monday. The panel — which consisted of Jennifer DeCasper, chief of staff for Sen. Tim Scott, Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC, and Nan Hayworth, a former congresswoman — found that it was “time for the media to stand up and start recognizing conservative women,” McDaniel said.

Women have been a topic of conversation in the media recently with Democratic leaders such as Elizabeth Warren and Dianne Feinstein but have left out the leading women politicians from the Republican Party. The RNC conversation contended that it was up to women in Republican Party to tell their own story and leave the media out of the equation.

“Republicans tend to be more quiet about our accomplishments,” DeCasper said. “We have 19 women Republican Chiefs of Staff in the Senate… That’s more than the Democrats by the way. We have 51 Republican Senators, and we have more Republican lady chiefs than the Democrats do. But nobody knows that.”

The audience was a packed room of more than 75 women from all different ages and walks of life.

“This is concerning that conservative voices are not being validated. I see it with my kids at school – my daughter doesn’t want to speak up. We have to speak up,” McDaniel said. “This is that time because the media does not want to share our stories so we’re going to have to work harder to get it out there. But my son, on the other hand, wears his MAGA hat with great pride.”

In a time when the Republican Party dominates Congress, the panel still found that a Republican woman’s voice is often lost.

“We are losing in our country if you feel like you can’t say you are a Republican or you can’t say you’re a conservative – which, by the way, is happening across our college campuses,” McDaniel added.