INSTANT JUSTICE: Armed Robber Savagely Beaten By Barber Shop Workers In Peru

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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An unidentified man who walked into a barber shop waving a gun got knocked out by shop workers, a video posted to LiveLeak Wednesday shows.


The video shows the robber stroll into the shop toting a large pistol in his right hand. One barber sees the weapon and quickly scurries into the next room. The other three people in the shop cannot react as hastily and are forced to their knees.

The robber then approaches each individual one by one, forcing them to relinquish the contents of their pockets. The first man he accosts submits without contest. The second appears to object to the robber’s demands and is hit over the head with the pistol because of it.

After a brief confrontation, the second victim is forced to grab a backpack from the top of a shelf. As he is emptying the bag, the first victim attacks the robber from behind, wrestles the weapon away and wallops the attacker over the head with it.

Once the robber is unarmed and dizzied from the two devastating blows, the two shop workers viciously kick the man until he appears to go unconscious.

Once he is knocked out, the man who originally scurried to the back room comes forward to get his shots in. He stomps the perpetrators head five times before walking away. Other individuals not involved in the robbery pummel him further until all parties involved frantically scatter.