Coolest Man In Canada Butchers Deer In The Face Of Vegan Protesters

Deer (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Canadian chef Michael Hunter might have to become an honorary American citizen after destroying vegan protesters.

Some vegans, aka losers, have been protesting Hunter’s restaurant Antler Kitchen & Bar because it butchers up deer. Well, Hunter, as any real man would, refused to roll over. wrote the following about the situation:

After weeks of vegan activists protesting in front of his nose-to-tail bistro, chef Michael Hunter decided to make a statement by butchering a freshly-killed deer’s leg in the window of his Toronto restaurant, Antler Kitchen & Bar, right in front of the demonstrators. “I figured, I’ll show them,” Hunter tells writer Corey Mintz. “I’m going to have my own protest.”

Last Friday, when the protestors started shouting “murderer” whenever the door to the restaurant opened, Hunter decided he needed to push back in some way. That’s when he got the idea to bring the deer leg to the window and break it down in front of the vegans.

You can watch a video of him butchering it below.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this move. First off, venison is delicious. I grew eating deer steak almost every single day, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Venison is proof that God wants us all to be very happy. Grab a rifle and go get yourself some deer meet.

Secondly, there’s nothing better than watching vegans get owned. They are the absolute worst. How can you live on this planet and not eat meat? It should be a crime that results in deportation. This country was built on red meat, and while Canada isn’t America, I think the same rules apply. People who don’t eat meat shouldn’t be trusted. They’re obviously up to no good.

Finally, you’re a complete clown if you show up to some dude’s business to protest. There’s nothing more embarrassing to be seen. I would have done the exact same thing Hunter did. Grab a big ole’ slab of deer meat and start hacking away right in their annoying little faces. Might even have to bring in an alive deer and slaughter it right in front of them. There’s a food chain, and God put us at top for a reason. It’s science.

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