‘That Just Defies Logic’ — CNN Segment On Race And Policing Gets Heated

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A CNN segment on race and police shootings in the United States got heated Thursday.

Pundit Angela Rye and former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli battled it out while discussing the contentious topic.


“It’s totally illogical, it says it doesn’t matter that one of the shooting officers was black, it’s still a racist incident against black people in general, and that just defies logic,” Cuccinelli said.

“Have you looked at the data? It doesn’t defy logic,” Rye said. “Racism actually defies logic. So then you should see that disproportionately, black people are killed by the police.”

“I haven’t interrupted you yet…” Cuccinelli said.

“I’ve interrupted you twice to correct you,” she responded.

“Oh, I really appreciate that, and you were wrong,” Cuccinelli said.

“No, I’m not wrong,” she said.

“So, The Washington Post set up a data base–okay, that’s four interruptions,” Cuccinelli shot back.

“The Washington Post set up a data base to track police shootings in the last couple of years,” he continued, “and one of the things they have found is that the overwhelming proportion of people shot by police are white, not surprisingly. But, about 26 percent have been black, and about, let’s see 75 percent…”

“Which is disproportionate,” Rye said.

“It is disproportionate to the population–double. But it’s lower than the proportion of arrests,” he said.

“I would also note that this year, 2018, so far there have been 18 police officers shot and killed as–it’s not a big data pool, but so far, nine of the 16 were shot by black offenders,” he added.

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