Dana Loesch Lights Up John Paul Stevens For Wanting To Repeal Second Amendment: Trying To ‘Restrict Speech’ [VIDEO]

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch called out former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on “Fox & Friends” Thursday for his op-ed advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment.

“I found retired Justice Stevens’ op-ed incredibly interesting, because in addition to calling for repeal of the Second Amendment he did so as a way to restrict speech because law-abiding Americans were just too good at speaking up in defense of their Second Amendment rights,” Loesch said.

“That struck me as incredibly odd from someone that used to interpret and obviously write decisions on the constitution. So it’s just very odd for him to write that op-ed. It seemed to really kind of undermine any defense that he would ever have in standing up for free speech.”


Losech said anti-gun advocates are starting to show their true colors and accused them of trying to institute a massive gun grab.

“For the first time we’re finally starting to see anti-gun advocates be honest about where they are on this issue. Whenever they sit here and they talk about the AR-15, we know that that’s a stand in for all semi-automatic firearms,” she said.

“We saw all the repeal the Second Amendment signs. We see this over and over. And we’re always told well we don’t want to take your guns, but yet that’s what you’re writing. You’re writing editorials in nationally distributed publications talking about the repealing the Second Amendment.”

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