CNN’s Camerota: Laura Ingraham Is ‘Not Objective’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota soothed Parkland’s David Hogg on Friday by assuring him that Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is “not objective” and is just a “talk show host.”


Hogg is currently leading a boycott of Ingraham’s show because she sent a tweet mocking him for complaining about getting rejected from colleges. (RELATED: David Hogg Leads Laura Ingraham Boycott Over A Tweet)

Camerota knocked Ingraham for her comments, telling Hogg, “Listen, you know she’s a talk show host.”

“She’s not objective, I mean, her point isn’t even to be objective,” she continued. “She has a particular position, she’s a conservative.” (RELATED: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Bursts Into Tears On Air)

Camerota did note that Ingraham apologized for her comments and asked Hogg if he would accept her apology. (RELATED: CNN Anchor Accuses Rubio Of Ignoring School Safety Bill)

“No, she’s only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out,” Hogg declared. “And I think it’s really disgusting the fact that she basically tried promoting her show after ‘apologizing’ to me.”

The CNN anchor expressed sympathy for Hogg’s decision not to accept her apology, wondering how Hogg was “coping” with the fact that he and his friends were being “targeted by right-wing websites and cable news hosts.”

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