G-Eazy Using A Magazine To Get Through Airport Security Seems A Bit Flawed

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Rapper G-Eazy recently used a magazine cover with his face on it to talk his way through airport security.

The airport where this happened isn’t clear, but it seems pretty wild. His girlfriend and him both confirmed the news on social media that he used to cover of XXL to get past the TSA.

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I’m not an expert here, and I don’t run the TSA. However, I’m fairly confident that using magazine covers to get through security isn’t the smartest idea. For example, what’s to stop somebody from just making a fake magazine cover. That must take like all of ten minutes in photoshop.

Look, I like G-Eazy. The guy makes bangers and every woman I’ve ever met that loves his music is a certified smoke show. They all are hot as hell. True story. Maybe the hottest woman I knew in college was also a huge G-Eazy fan. Wild times.

Even so, I don’t think we should just be letting G-Eazy or any other person waltz through security because their face is on a magazine cover. Seems like it might set a really bad precedent. Again, I’m not a security expert. Just seems like it might be a bit of common sense. After all, I’m pretty sure Bin Laden was also on the cover of a few magazines. Would that have gotten him through security? Didn’t think so.

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