Take A Hike… In America’s Most Beautiful National Parks


Jack Wisniewski Contributor
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It’s National Take A Walk In The Park Day, which means you should be getting out there! By “out there,” I mean in any one of America’s renowned national parks.

Typically huge and picturesque, they’re a rather exclusive group of 60 protected areas by the National Park Service, which lays out strict standards for any proposed unit of land.

Criteria include the prevalence of a particular natural resource, value or quality in representing natural or cultural themes of America’s heritage, whether it offers exceptional opportunities for public enjoyment or scientific research and if the resource is relatively unspoiled by humans.

Since it’s pretty difficult to pull off a casual trip to most national parks as most are rather out of the way from any civilization (eight are in Alaska), we’ve packaged a fresh list of some of America’s most impressive national parks.

Even if you can’t make it out to one of the national parks, walking for as little as 30 minutes a day has an array of health benefits including improved mental health, reduced chances of heart disease and even slowing the aging process, according to Mayo Clinic. Whether it’s solo or with the dog or with the family, you can’t go wrong by getting some steps in on this national holiday.