Unsurprisingly, OJ Simpson Abandoned One Of His Closest Allies On His Death Bed

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OJ Simpson is in the hot seat again.

He may not be on trial again but he’s raised some eyebrows after he skipped one of his best friend’s funerals this week.

According to Naples Daily News, OJ’s close friend Tom Scotto was very sick in the hospital and died earlier this month. Scotto was only one of three people allowed in the room during OJ’s parole hearing in Nevada last year and was considered one of his closest friends of over 20 years. Scotto was 56 years old.

Radar Online reports that OJ reportedly called Scotto’s family and told them that he would be at the funeral.

“O.J. didn’t come to the funeral and we were all really surprised about that because he did call to say that he’d be there but then at the last minute he didn’t show up,” Tom’s daughter Nicole told Radar Online. “Nobody came from the O.J. family. A lot of people said they were going to be there and they sent some flowers, but nobody did actually show. It was disappointing because my dad did a lot for O.J. And I don’t think that was right because my dad was there for every court appearance, every hearing – he was there for him.”

It’s pretty surprising that Tom Scotto stuck by OJ through all the years. He reportedly had a threesome with Scotto’s bride-to-be before their wedding which reportedly left Scotto heartbroken. He called it “complete betrayal” but continued his friendship with Simpson.

I admire Nicole Scotto for standing up for what might be right but OJ Simpson is not the guy to pick a fight with. I just wouldn’t advise it. And after everything OJ did to Scotto personally, his family probably shouldn’t be surprised by this final move.

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