Jim Caviezel Gives The Most Politically Incorrect Reasons For Choosing Films To Star In

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Actor Jim Caviezel said he chooses to star in a film if he thinks it will “bring the most souls to Christ,” according to an interview with The Christian Post published on Good Friday.

Caviezel, who played Jesus in 2004’s smash hit “The Passion of the Christ,” described an encounter with God that has shaped his faith ever since.

“When [God] came close to me in ‘The Passion’ when I was on that cross, [He said], ‘They don’t love me. There are very few,'” said Caviezel, who plays Luke in the currently running “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” “I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to love You, and I’m going to tell You that I love You.’ Tell it publicly, I don’t care. I’m less afraid of ISIS than I am the media.”

“That’s why our Lord is so alone — His creatures do not love Him,” Caviezel told The Christian Post. “And, He could force Himself on us, but would that be love? I don’t think so. I’m so blessed because I get to convey those stories, but do it in a way … that I know can bring the most souls back to Him, even those that don’t believe.”

Caviezel described several life-changing events that occurred before learning about “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” the most significant of which were images of Christians crucified by ISIS terrorist groups last year, shown to him by Navy SEAL friends.

“I got this script, and I read it, and I immediately thought, ‘Wow, saints, murdered, killed,’ and I thought about Frank being a mentor, and I thought that maybe Paul was a mentor to Luke, like Frank was to me, and it that’s how it organically happened,” Caviezel told the Post.

Caviezel’s newest movie focuses on the persecuted church through the eyes of an imprisoned Paul and his friend Luke, who visits and learns from him.

“When James and John are talking, ‘I want to sit at your right and left hand side,’ that’s what appealed to me,” the actor said. “And, I saw Paul being like that, and Luke being like that, that they would go the extra mile. There’s so many of us that are called, but few choose.”

“Christ is the most authentic thing that ever was and the people that really affected my life were those that I played on screen, and Jesus.”

Read the entire interview here.

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