Watch Blac Chyna Get Violent With A Baby Stroller At Six Flags [VIDEO]

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Even on Easter Sunday, former stripper-turned reality TV star Blac Chyna doesn’t stop.

Chyna, 29, caused a scene at Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, and judging by the videos, it’s one of her best exhibitions yet.

It’s not immediately clear what set Chyna off on Sunday evening and it probably doesn’t matter. This isn’t her first brawl and it definitely won’t be her last. She yells a few unintelligible threats across the park before ripping her jacket off and lunging for her pink baby stroller. Luckily, her security guard stepped in and prevented her from doing any real damage but the footage is incredible.

And while an aid tries to repair the stroller, Chyna lunges for it again. This time from another angle.

In a world of uncertainty, our culture will probably always be able to depend on Blac Chyna for bringing a level of unadulterated classlessness to any event. And she didn’t disappoint this Easter.

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