ESPN Announces Sports Streaming Service

Zach Phillips Contributor
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ESPN has announced a new subscription service where fans will be able to watch sports highlights, games and original content in their library. The service, ESPN+ will arrive April 12 with a newly updated app.

The service will cost around $5 a month, which is relatively cheap as far as most streaming services go. ESPN has definitely needed a boost, considering the amount of employees that have gotten fired in recent months, it’s about time for the sports media group to pivot.

Fans of American soccer, golf, baseball and hockey will like the news, as they’ll have an easy new service to view all of their content anywhere. In addition, ESPN+ will also carry tennis, cricket, rugby and boxing. Absent from the streaming service will be football and basketball, at least for the time being.

There are some elements that seem like they may be unpopular, like their TV everywhere service only working with an affiliated paid TV subscription. We’ll see if ESPN can work out the early kinks and generate some content viewers will actually pay to watch.

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Zach Phillips