LeBron James Has Embarked On A New Feud, And It’s Electric

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Just when you thought LeBron James might settle down for a bit and focus on his future in Cleveland without Tyronn Lue as head coach, he took aim at one of the most high profile forces in the sports world: Alabama football.

Now you might be wondering how LeBron James would ever cross paths with a college team in a completely different part of the country, playing a completely different sport. You might wonder to yourself why LeBron James would pick a fight with Nick Saban, another one of the biggest sports savants on the planet.

But then you would be forgetting that this is LeBron James, and he’s liable to pick a fight with anybody that even looks at him the wrong way. Or he’ll at least subtweet about it.

So Monday, LeBron James took a shot at Nick Saban for allegedly copying his original content.

About a week ago, the official Alabama football Twitter account pushed out a promotion of their new online show called “Shop Talk.”

It seems innocent enough but LeBron is convinced it rips off his multimedia platform, “Uninterrupted,” which features several episodes filmed in barber shops, too. These scenes are known as “The Shop” and they do look awfully similar to Alabama’s latest rollout.

James’ “Uninterrupted” sent a letter to both Nick Saban and Alabama football, calling on them to discontinue any scenes that look similar to his original work.

Hitting on the issue of copyright infringement and intellectual property, the letter reads in part, “Your continued exploitation of ‘Shop Talk’ infringes ‘Uninterrupted’s’ copyright, trademark rights and other valuable intellectual property rights in ‘The Shop’ and significantly damages ‘Uninterrupted’s’ commercial prospects for ‘The Shop.'”

But “Uninterrupted” isn’t interested in a legal battle — at least not yet. The company notes that they’re interested in starting a conversation before “rushing into legal proceedings.”

So far, Alabama has not yet issued a public response to the letter. But since we’re dealing with such big personalities here, you can probably bet this will be amusing as it unfolds, no matter what happens.

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