Two Elementary Students Protest National Anthem During Mariners Game [WATCH]

(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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While the national conversation about national anthem protests may have seemed to die down after the close of the 2017 NFL season, footage from this weekend proves the issue is still alive and well.

And it’s permeating across generations.

During one of the first games of the 2018 MLB season, a local elementary school was invited to sing the national anthem before a Seattle Mariners game. And while most of the kids sang along, two young girls knelt during the song in protest.

It was caught on video by a fan attending the game and later uploaded to Twitter.

While this is definitely a shocking visual, it’s not entirely surprising that this took place in Seattle. It’s one of the most liberal cities in the United States to begin with, and over half of the NFL athletes that protested the national anthem last season were on the Seahawks’ roster. And just down the west coast in Oakland, Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell was the only MLB player to consistently protest the anthem last season, despite being the son of a US Army vet.

The young girls at this weekend’s Mariners game have not been identified and their ages have not been disclosed. Whoever they may be, however, it’s not at all likely that a couple of elementary students understand the complexities of racial politics. Though in a time where high school students are trying to change complex gun policies and manipulate the Constitution, anything is possible.

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