Villanova Fans Are Single-Handedly The Reason They Deserve To Get Crushed Tonight

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Michigan will hopefully destroy Villanova tonight, and the awful fans of the Wildcats are the reason why.

Committed fanbases are one of the greatest things about sports. It just wouldn’t be the same if everybody was rational with their view and outlook towards their favorite team. Being crazy is part of the fun.

However, Villanova fans are the worst. Every single one I’ve ever met has been a terrible person. Just absolutely awful. Talking to a wall is more engaging and thoughtful than ‘Nova fans. I’ve never once met a ‘Nova fan and thought to myself that they were a successful person likely to go far in life. I sincerely hope Michigan pulverizes them. The look on their smug little faces when Michigan cuts down the nets should be priceless. They will probably go back to immediately telling everybody what their parents do, and how once upon a time some guy who had a record deal a decade ago hit on them.

One of the main problems with Villanova fans is that they think they’re on the same level as Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA and UNC. They’ve won a total of two national titles. Congrats. That’s really impressive, but Coach K has won more titles by himself than Villanova has as an entire school.

I just don’t understand the arrogance of the ‘Nova fanbase. It makes no sense to me. These aren’t exactly Big Ten educated geniuses and they don’t even have a major football program. Who the hell do these fans think they are? They roll around with the attitude of Alabama football fans, but with a tiny fraction of the same success. Give me a break.

Again, I love passionate fans. You can’t have great sports without the crazy fans. There’s just a difference between passionate fans and over-the-top psychos who think they’re the greatest ever. I watched Wisconsin beat Villanova in a bar last year, and ‘Nova fans were behaving like I should be killed. Sorry that apparently nothing is going your way in life.

I’ve been very critical of Alabama football fans over the past few years, but I would take them any day by a country mile over Villanova fans. Nothing would make me happier than watching the Wildcats gets smashed by Michigan tonight, and I hope they are.

Getting blown out in a national title game couldn’t happen to better people than Villanova fans. I sincerely wish them the absolute worst of luck.

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