12 Reasons Barron Trump Is The Coolest White House Kid Of All Time [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Morgan Caplan Contributor
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Other than a handful of appearances in the media, Barron Trump has mainly stayed out of the spotlight.

While he is not one of the five Trump siblings constantly getting bombarded with paparazzi, mainly thanks to his mother’s help, he is still one of the coolest Trump siblings.

Despite being the youngest, Barron has been living in style his whole life. Growing up with mini Mercedes-Benz and being pampered in Trump Tower, Barron has never known a life lesser than that, except for the smaller home he now resides, the White House. The only thing different from his life in Trump Tower is the security guarding him 24/7 and no more penthouse living.

Always ready for a photo-op, Barron has dressed to the nines since he was a baby and is rarely seen in anything like sweatpants. (RELATED: 23 Times Barron Trump Captured Our #Mood [SLIDESHOW])

While Barron Trump recently celebrated his 12th birthday, we take a look why this White House kid is unlike his predecessors.