Villanova Star Dominates National Championship, Then People Dig Up His Old Tweets

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Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo may be riding high from his team’s Monday night win, but some people on Twitter dug through some of his old tweets, which could slow down that hype train.

Not everybody knew who Monday night’s Most Outstanding Player was, so — as is standard in 2018 — they started going through his social media. And that’s when they found thousands of old tweets, some from 2011 when he was 14, well before he joined Villanova. DiVincenzo has since deleted a bulk of the old tweets, but as the internet has taught us time and time again, that stuff lives forever.

In one since-deleted tweet from 2011, DiVincenzo wrote “Ballin on these n*ggas like I’m Derrick Rose!” which are lyrics from a Meek Mill song.

Villanova quickly addressed the mounting concern over DiVincenzo’s Twitter account and released the following statement on Monday night:

“Unfortunately a Twitter account belonging to Donte DiVincenzo was hacked tonight. None of the statements attributed to Donte are his — he has not used the account for months. The account has been deactivated. Please disregard any of these false tweets.”

But that tweet was later deleted. The team has not released any follow-up statements relating to the matter, but DiVincenzo’s Twitter account has since been deactivated. Perhaps Villanova is hoping last night’s victory might overshadow all the outrage that may have been coming.

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