Nebraska Lawmakers Just Passed A Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

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Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday afternoon to stop funding for government-supported clinics that perform abortions, including Planned Parenthood, as part of an $8.8 billion budget deal, Omaha World-Herald reports.

The bill was approved 38–6 and is now being sent to Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts, who initiated plans to defund the taxpayer-funded abortion clinic as a part of a family-planning portion of Nebraska’s budget package.

There are two Planned Parenthood locations in Nebraska: One in Lincoln and another in Omaha, which will remain open for service despite losing government funding. Nebraska is home to 42 other health clinics that receive Title X funds from the state.

“Senators spent about an hour Tuesday morning rehashing the debate on restrictions to federal family planning dollars known as Title X,” Omaha World-Herald explains. “The bill got hung up twice on the second round of debate when senators could not agree on changes to the language proposed by Ricketts.”

A compromise was made between lawmakers to allow the defunding of Title X facilities that use government money to perform abortions so as long as other family-planning facilities that do not use government money to perform abortions can still receive federal funding for other types of care and procedures.

Although Planned Parenthood will be defunded because of its abortion operations, other Title X clinics in Nebraska will still be able to receive government money for “low-income, uninsured women and men.”