Having Your Ex-Girlfriend Sign An NDA Is The Move Of A Crazy Person

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Non-disclosure agreements are all over the news these days because of Tiger Woods had his ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith sign one.

Let me make this crystal clear. There are some serious issues with a person who makes an ex-girlfriend sign an NDA. What are you trying to hide?

Look, it’s a totally different story if it’s a married couple. You’re married for years or decades and everything potentially changes. In a situation of that nature, I fully understand why somebody might want an NDA. But a girlfriend? No chance.

I would laugh in the face of a woman who asked me to sign an NDA after broke up. Short of giving me $100 million, there’s nothing that’s getting my signature on paper. I mean, I’m not likely to say anything anyways. Girls don’t want to hear about my ex-girlfriends when I’m trying to convince them to grab a drink. My silence is going to be bought by the simple fact I’m trying to succeed with other women.

That all changes the moment an NDA gets brought up. I would tell everybody everything I knew and could remember. Hell, I might wrote a book and just give it away in order to piss of my ex for being so dumb. Again, it’s different if there’s a marriage and kids involved. A girlfriend is not something that should ever require an NDA.

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