Trudeau Spends $700K At Davos Summit To Blast ‘Pursuit Of Profit’

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Trudeau government spent almost $700,000 (CDN) on its trip to Davos, Switzerland last January. As the Globe and Mail reports, the government tabled the tab in the House of Commons last week but all of the bills aren’t yet accounted for.

While at the globalist World Economic Forum, Trudeau held forth on the need to fight climate change and how business leaders need to put workers before profits.

“Too many corporations have put the pursuit of profit before the well-being of their workers … but that approach won’t cut it any more,” Mr. Trudeau told the elite gathering at the chic ski resort of Davos. “We are in a new age of doing business – you need to give back,” Trudeau told the summit.

Trudeau also promised that his Liberal government would not imitate the Trump administration’s tax-cutting, regulation-slashing policies.

To get this message to the summit, Trudeau and his retinue went through at least $678,000 of hotels, meals, office rentals and transportation.

The latest revelation of Liberal spending has produced the rare phenomenon of uniting the Official Oppositon Conservatives with the quasi-socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) opponents of the government.

“Davos is such a symbol of the superpowerful hanging with the super powerful, to no discernible benefit to ordinary people,” NDP Member of Parliament Charlie Angus told the Globe. “So spending that much money is really not justifiable.”

Conservative foreign-affairs critic Erin O’Toole noted to the Globe that Trudeau loves to travel and promises big trade deals as a result of his efforts but just doesn’t deliver the goods.

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