Trump Wants Post Office To Stop Being Amazon’s ‘Delivery Boy’

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (L) Jonathan Ernst (R)

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump continued his feud with the Amazon corporation by insisting that the U.S. post office is being fleeced by the company.

Trump continues to maintain that Amazon is taking advantage of the U.S. post office and is generally unfair to brick and mortar small businesses in local communities. The president previously claimed that the post office loses money on every package it delivers for Amazon:

The genesis of Trump’s claim regarding the post office and Amazon appears to come from a 2017 WSJ op-ed which claims “select high-volume shippers are able to drop off presorted packages at the local Postal Service depot for ‘last mile’ delivery at cut-rate prices,” and further explained, “my analysis of available data suggests that around two-thirds of Amazon’s domestic deliveries are made by the Postal Service. It’s as if Amazon gets a subsidized space on every mail truck.”