Baltimore Ravens RGIII Deal Predictably Drums Up Kaepernick Drama

(Photo credit: screenshot/Twitter Fox Sports)

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The Baltimore Ravens signed Robert Griffin III to a one-year deal on Wednesday and it didn’t take long for the guys on Fox Sports’ “Undisputed” to bring up Colin Kaepernick after hearing the news.

“I’m really at a loss (for words) guys. I don’t begrudge RGIII, I’m happy he got an opportunity,” Shannon Sharpe began. “But we know Colin Kaepernick did not sign with the Ravens last year for non-football reasons and for anyone in that organization to tell you otherwise would be disingenuous. They would be misspeaking the truth.”

Sharpe’s “Undisputed” co-host, Skip Bayless, seemed to agree with the former NFL star and called the Ravens’ newest acquisition a “pathetic response” to the criticism they took after passing on a much more controversial quarterback.

“So to me this feels like a rather pathetic response to the criticism this organization took for not signing Colin Kaepernick . . . ‘Oh, well we got Robert Griffin,'” Bayless said. (RELATED: Baltimore Ravens Shock The League By Signing Robert Griffin III)

Without saying as much both Sharpe and Bayless are suggesting that the Baltimore Ravens decided to sign RGIII solely on the basis of his race. If that’s truly the case, the talking heads are taking a rather hypocritical approach to the argument.

“Let’s not pretend that Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL for any other reason. The reason has been abundantly clear from the start–it has nothing to do with his ability to play quarterback and that’s what’s a shame. It’s sad!”

“No doubt,” Bayless agreed again.