What Your Salary Needs To Look Like To Live In These Major U.S. Cities [SLIDESHOW]


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The median household property value in major U.S. cities like L.A. and New York City is so high that middle-class families are finding it impossible to move there from the suburbs or stay put if they’re already struggling financially.

The impossibly large rent and mortgage prices in traditionally “blue” cities are impacting surrounding “red” areas. As Daily Caller Foundation reporter Chris White explains, “California saw a loss of over 138,000 people in that 12-month period, according to the data, while Texas experienced an uptick of more than 79,000 people. Arizona and Nevada, meanwhile, gained more than 63,000 and 38,000 residents, respectively.”

The median household property value in other major U.S. cities besides New York City and L.A. fluctuates much more. Some are arguably affordable for middle-class families. As popular jobs move farther away from the trades and closer to white-collar offices, one should take note of the many big, affordable cities the U.S. has to offer.