Trey Gowdy And Tim Scott Talk About Their New Book And How Americans Are Starved For ‘Authenticity’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Sen. Tim Scott and GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday to promote their new book “Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope For A Divided Country,” and claimed people are hungry for “authenticity.”

“Having an unlikely friendship is about finding people who are not like yourself and spending time with them,” Scott said. “Roseanne and President Trump. Here you go. You have someone who is an actress and the president working together. Because there’s something in common. People are hungry for authenticity. You don’t have to actually agree on the direction. You have to agree on the fact that we are all Americans.” 

Scott said division in America is not being driven by race, but by family structure and education. He believes if the education system is improved, race relations will soon follow.


“One of the things I say in ‘Unified’ my personal story. I come from one of those distressed communities. The chasm between the haves and have nots is not based on race. It’s based on family formation and education,” Scott said. 

Those are the two pillars that divide our country. So the faster we improve education, whether it’s public/private, whether it’s virtual schools or home schools. We must make sure that every child in a poor zip code has a quality education.” 

“If that happens, we can transform the complexion of who has and who does not have,” Scott concluded. “It is not a racial — there is a racial component to it, but the vast majority of the problem that we face today is economic.” 

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