Up Your Selfie Game With This Flexible Selfie Stick That Comes With A Bluetooth Remote

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stackSonar('stack-connect-p', '283');If you’re the type of person who loves taking selfies, then it’s a fun idea to invest in a selfie accessory that can do it all. With a GekkoStick, take your selfie game to the next level with a tool that lets you take photos from funky angles or even from afar — all for less than $17.

Normally $20, this selfie stick is 15 percent off

Normally $20, this selfie stick is 15 percent off

GekkoStick on sale for $16.95

This incredibly flexible device lets you position your smartphone’s camera exactly where you want it. Meaning, you can hold it straight out to take a standard selfie, which is perfect for everyday use like hanging out with friends. But, you can also curl the stick to get a funkier angle. So, you can attach it to branches, railings, and other objects, letting you capture unique selfies or group photos in a breeze.

Even cooler, this compact and easy-to-carry device includes a Bluetooth remote. With this extra tool, you’ll use your GekkoStick as a mount and snap photos from far away. DSLR cameras use trigger technology, so why shouldn’t your smartphone camera? By combining the flexible design of the stick with the trigger remote, you’ll take selfies and other incredible photos that stand out from the crowd.

Get more from your selfies with a GekkoStick for $16.95 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 15% off the original price of $19.95.

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