CNN Critiques Trump’s Wide Suit Pants

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN, apparently desperate for stories to cover on a slow news day, decided to run a segment on President Trump’s suit pants during Thursday’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”


Trump was spotted wearing some suspiciously wide-legged suit pants during his family’s visit to church on Easter Sunday, which earned him some mockery on Twitter.

CNN seemed to think the pants were worthy of a primetime segment, bringing on national correspondent Jeanne Moos to critique the president’s fashion choices.

“He’s got a big personality, he’s got big hair, and now he’s got big pants?” Moos reported. “Vanity Fair asked the important question: ‘What is going on with Trump’s pant legs?'”

“Is the president gaining weight?” Moos wondered. “Or losing height? Or just in need of a tailor?”

Moos closed out the segment by noting that Kim Jong Un still has wider pant legs than President Trump. “Forget the arms race, we’re talking about a legs race,” she concluded.

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