I Bought These Oversized Bath Towels, And Now I Use Them All The Time

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It’s so much easier to mentally prepare to go to the gym when you don’t have to deal with the thought of cramming all your stuff into your gym bag. Rather than having a bulky bath towel take up so much room, and only to have to put it back in your bag wet after your shower, you can now avoid all that by using a Microfiber Bath Towel from Jml. I bought this 2-pack and love how one towel fits neatly into my bag so I still have room for my shoes after. It’s the best for drying off quickly after a shower and the towel, too, dries fast so there’s no wet towel in your bag all day with the rest of your things. They’re super compact, made of high-quality microfiber, and are oh so soft!

This 2-pack of bath towels only costs $20 (Photo via Amazon)

This 2-pack of bath towels only costs $20 (Photo via Amazon)

Jml Microfiber Bath Towel, Oversized Bath Towel 2 Pack (30″ x 60″) — $19.99

The gym isn’t the only place to use these. They’ll have your pet dry in no time after a bath; use for yoga, swimming, or other sports; take to the beach, camping, traveling. Keep one in your backpack when urban hiking to spread out for a spur-of-the-moment picnic or dry off in no time after getting caught in an unexpected downpour. Make them part of your everyday car kit to have on hand to promptly take care of spills or cover the seats to protect them from dirty, sweaty soccer players or wet pets. Here’s a novel idea—replace your home bath towels with these lightweight ones for less bulk in your weekly laundry!

The 2-pack sets come in 13 different color and texture combinations and are only $19.99, and with Jml’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day return and replacement policy, go ahead and stock up for all your fun times this summer!

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