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Invest These Classic Nude Pumps To Complete Your Wardrobe

Photo via Jimmy Choo

Masha Berman Contributor

If you need to add a nude leather pump for your wardrobe (and you do whether you realize it or not), look no further than the iconic Romy 100 Nude Patent Leather Pumps. The quality of this shoe is incredibly high, so you’ll have these forever, and they’re definitely worth the investment. They will also match with everything in your closet, proving their versatility to you over and over again.

Romy 100 (Photo via Jimmy Choo)

Romy 100 (Photo via Jimmy Choo)

Jimmy Choo — $650

I am a big proponent of buying high quality-made designer shoes, because even though they may have a higher price tag, if you calculate the cost per wear (divide the price by the amount of times you’ll wear them), you’ll soon realize that you got a bargain. Pumps are the most classic style of women’s shoes and will always be both functional and fashionable.

These Jimmy Choo nude pumps are great to wear with jeans, business suits, skirts, dresses, you name it. And because of their neutral shade, you can pair them with any color or print. The heel exists, but it’s not too high, so you can walk in them comfortably. I would recommend going a size up, as the brand does tend to run small. You can take a look at their custom size guide for more information. And if beige isn’t really your color, they’re also available in black.

When you order on jimmychoo.com, enjoy free shipping and quick delivery.

How will you wear your Jimmy Choos?

Photo via Jimmy Choo

Photo via Jimmy Choo

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