Napolitano Confused Over Nunes Threatening Legal Action Against DOJ, FBI

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Judge Andrew Napolitano expressed some serious concerns on Fox News Thursday over Devin Nunes’ threats to take legal action against the Justice Department and FBI.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman notified FBI Director Christopher Wray and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein Wednesday that the FBI and Justice Department have until April 11 to turn over already subpoenaed documents relating to the Russia probe.


“I question his seriousness for two reasons,” Napolitano said on Nunes. “His reason for wanting to examine the documents that initiated the investigation of the Trump campaign in October 2016 is because of a well-grounded belief that they were obtained via a FISA warrant, and he wants to know what was presented to the FISA court in order to get them to issue the warrant.”

“His complaints on FISA are very well-grounded, but he remained mute about them when Congress was voting to expand FISA authority.”

“If his goal is to score political points, he’s making a lot of noise,” he continued. “If his goal is to get the documents, he knows how to get them.”

“Serve a subpoena on Chris Wray, who is the director of the FBI, and if he doesn’t produce them, hold him in contempt.”

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