Reigning Masters Champion Sergio Garcia Hits It In The Water Five Straight Times

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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Sergio Garcia might have been riding a little high heading into the opening round of The Masters as the reigning champion, but he quickly got brought down to earth.

Garcia was only two over par when he teed off on number 15 Thursday afternoon — he was 10 over by the end of it thanks to five consecutive shots that ended up in the water. You read that right, five.

The Spanish golfer landed five straight approach shots on the green, but all five picked up speed and ran off the side of the green into the water. It’s a maddening sequence of events for any golfer, but for a professional and reigning champion it’s downright embarrassing. (SLIDESHOW: The Hottest WAGs At Augusta National This Week)

As you might expect, the Internet had a field day with it.

Garcia finished with a record-tying high score on one hole at Augusta National with the disastrous collapse by posting a 13 on the par-five. Unfortunately that’s not the worst part about it. That single score will likely keep Garcia from making the cut and playing on into the weekend. That’s definitely not the way he imagined defending his title a year after becoming a Masters champion.


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