Liberal Asks Ted Cruz Ridiculously Rude Question — His Response Is Total Class

Grae Stafford Daily Caller

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A woman asked Sen. Ted Cruz whether he would take a DNA test “to prove” that he’s a human being.


She accused Cruz of “threats of medical aggression,” then said, “My question is: Will you pledge to submit to a DNA test, to prove that you’re human?”

Cruz’s response defines class.

“Well, Ma’am, thank you for that. You know, one of the great things about our Democratic system is that we can treat each other with respect and civility,” he said.

“Is that a yes or a no?” she asked.

He also told her, “Ma’am, if you want to engage in insults that’s your prerogative, but I’m not going to reciprocate.” (RELATED: Ted Cruz Slams CNN — ‘Nobody Has Ever Been Afraid Of Chris Cuomo’)

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