Trump Throws Out ‘Boring’ Tax Reform Script, Takes Wild Turn On Immigration Instead

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump literally threw away a script his staff wrote for him on tax reform before giving an impassioned speech on immigration policy in West Virginia on Thursday.

“That would have been a little boring, a little boring. Reading off the first paragraph, this is boring. Come on we have say, tell it like it is. We have to get Republicans in office,” Trump said after his immigration tirade, literally throwing his talking points off the dais.

“They’re not sending their good ones,” Trump said, repeating his refrain from his opening remarks of the 2016 presidential campaign. “We have to have strong borders. We will have the wall. We already started building.”

“We’ll have the wall. The military will be building some of it.”

“We can not let people enter our country – we have no idea who they are, what they do, where they came from. We have no idea what their records are,” the President continued. “We don’t know if they’re murderers, if they’re killers, if they’re MS-13, we’re throwing them out by the hundreds.”

POTUS then touted his administration’s targeting of MS-13 gang criminals.  “They want to inflict pain on students, young women, young girls walking home. And their parents never see them again, they’re cut up. This is the kind of stuff and crap that we’re allowing in our country. And we can’t do it. We can’t do it anymore.”

“This is our country,” he added, taking aim at birthright citizenship in the U.S. “If you have a baby on our land, congratulations, that baby is now a citizen.”