Tucker Takes On ‘Ridiculous’ Immigration Activist

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson nearly lost his temper during a debate Thursday with Ali Noorani, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum.


The Daily Caller co-founder grilled Noorani about the relative benefits of California accepting so many immigrants. Noorani argued that immigrants are essential to propping up California’s large agricultural sector.

“Look…there are a lot of problems in California, labor is one of them,” Carlson conceded before getting to the heart of the debate. “The truth is, you have argued consistently on this show that letting in more people from other countries with low education levels will make us richer. We have a case study in stark relief called California and the opposite has happened.”

“So I really think the onus is on you to give me a simple explanation, not tell me that agriculture brings a lot of poor people in — that’s not true,” Carlson explained.

Noorani replied that immigrants work alongside Americans in the tech and agricultural sectors, which “help[s] create jobs in California.”

“I mean, Tucker, you’re trying to lay problems and challenges California is facing on the immigrant community,” Noorani asserted.

Carlson denied he was blaming immigrants for California’s struggles, telling Noorani he wants an “adult conversation.”

“You literally just stared into the camera like I’m some kind of moron and said it’s the ag sector that’s driving immigration to California,” Carlson exclaimed. “That’s not even untrue, it’s ridiculous.”

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