CNN Thinks That President Trump Might Be Listening To Alex Jones

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN analyst Joshua Green speculated Thursday that President Trump has been watching Infowars’ Alex Jones.


“What’s [Trump] doing, though, in the bigger picture, I wonder?” Brianna Keilar asked. “There is this Senate race in West Virginia, sure, Josh. But he also revived his claim about rapists, that he was excoriated for, certainly not by his base, not by his die-hard supporters, in his announcement address speech. And he just revived that as well.”

“This is just Trump. It’s what he does,” Green responded. “I mean he is not — doesn’t tie himself to standards of fact and objectivity in a way that any other Republican or Democratic politician would. He simply decides to say these things, maybe saw them on Fox News — maybe he’s watching Alex Jones.

“His habit is to repeat them, regardless of them being consistently disproven by the media.” (RELATED: ‘Disgusting Remarks’ — Alex Jones And David Hogg Get Into Twitter Fight)

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