WATCH: Great White Shark Surprises Australian Cops [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Kevin Weng

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A great white shark recently surprised a few cops who were patrolling the waters near Edithburgh, Australia.

South Australian police officers were out cruising around last month on small recreational boats when they came in contact with the beast, as he swam up between a police dinghy and boat they were about to inspect, according to CBS News.

At one point in the clip, we see just how close the officers were to the giant shark.


Mark Oats said that he and his friends were out drift fishing when they saw the shark that he claimed was about “4.5 to 5 meters (about 15 or 16 feet long)” and were trying to get away from it when the police showed up.

“Look at the size of this thing that’s come up behind us,” Oats told Australia’s ABC Radio.

“I told the boys to back off a bit because the shark was right next to us,” he added. “For probably the next 10 or 15 minutes we just sat around.”

Authorities said they were out checking boats for licenses, registration and safety equipment when they encountered the shark they nicknamed “Noah.”