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Since 1929, April 6 is nationally recognized as Army Day in the United States.

Originally celebrated on May 1 to counter the Communists’ Workers’ Day, the date was changed to acknowledge the anniversary of the United States entering World War I. The day was used to stress the need for military preparedness. While Army Day has not been nationally observed since 1949, it’s just as important today to recognize U.S. soldiers for their service.

The United States Army is the land warfare branch of the U.S. military. As of 2017, the Army has 476,000 active duty soldiers. Along with the Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve, the number grows to more than 1 million soldiers.

Whether in France, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq or Afghanistan, the Army fights for freedom around the world. Each American can sleep soundly at night knowing their liberties are protected by the greatest military in the world.

This April 6, make a point to thank a member (or veteran) of the United States Army.

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