‘Morning Joe’ Accuses Trump Of Lying To Create ‘White Nationalist Backlash’ Against Illegal Immigrants

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“Morning Joe’s” political panel accused President Donald Trump of spreading lies about illegal immigration to create a “white nationalist backlash” against Mexican migrants.

“Whether it was the post office or Amazon or The Washington Post. You can go down the list. He continues this lying streak and we can call it a lie. It’s not being biased. It’s being a reporter,” Joe Scarborough said Friday on MSNBC. “He lies about once again, millions of illegal voters when there is no data. There is no evidence.”

“They don’t want to mention it because it’s a lie,” Scarborough added. “Like so many things that the president has said, he’s lying over and over again. And David, it is a conspiracy theory that he’s spewing when he talks about all of these illegal voters. He’s lying again about illegal voting.”

“Morning Joe” regular David Ignatius said Trump is purposely trying to create a “white nationalist backlash” and claimed illegal immigration isn’t “a serious problem.”


“If you took a really cynical look at this, you’d say he’s trying deliberately to create a white nationalist backlash against a problem that the numbers show is not a serious problem,” Ignatius said.

“Ordering troops to our border to deal with the supposed flood of immigrants who are going to crash the border, calling out the troops, that’s pretty extreme. He’s either doing it to distract people from other issues that are more important or he’s doing it in a more calculated way to try to build this electoral group that he thinks can power him through 2018 and 2020.”

“He’s being a general who’s fighting the last war, fighting a war from 2006,” Scarborough said. “We’ve … record … 46 years. Lowest crossings … illegal crossings from Mexico.”

“We can say it as much as we can, but he will still step on the news by creating headlines that don’t exist,” Mika Brzezinski replied.

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