Roger Stone: Trump Should Not Meet With Mueller

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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Former Trump adviser Roger Stone said Friday that he does not believe the president should meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller — but he doesn’t think the president should fire him either.


During a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, Stone explained how he thinks it could be “very dangerous” for Trump to willingly meet with Mueller.

“I have written and said on InfoWars repeatedly that I thought it was a perjury trap,” Stone explained. “There’s every possibility the special counsel is looking at some process-related crime that doesn’t relate to Russia.”

Stone also noted that he believes the special counsel is politically biased, and Cooper followed up by asking if he thinks Trump should fire Mueller.

“No, I actually think that would, from a political point of view — although there may be grounds to do so — I think it would allow the president’s detractors to argue ‘oh well, he’s sacked Mr. Mueller because Mueller was on the verge of finding Russian collusion or conspiracy or coordination,’ which I don’t think is the case,” Stone said.

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