Sarah Sanders Is Asked About ‘Trade Wars’ — She Slaps A Tariff On The Media

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about President Trump potentially starting a trade war Friday.

Her response slapped a tariff on the media.


A reporter asked, “Does the president think that trade wars are easy to win? Is that still his view?”

“I think the president feels like if he is in charge of those negotiations, absolutely,” she said. “He’s the best negotiator at the table. And we certainly have full confidence in his ability to help move things forward. I think if you look simply at the [deals] in which the president was able to get a much better deal for the United States.” (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Shuts Down CNN’s Acosta By Bringing Up The Elephant In The Room)

“We’ve made great progress on NAFTA, and we’re hoping to have great progress on the trade negotiations with China.” (RELATED: ‘April, That Was Very Polite Of You’ — Sarah Sanders And April Ryan Share Funny Moment)

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