Sen. Stabenow Struggles To Use An Elevator

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, had some struggles using the elevator in a recent video from America Rising PAC.

Before a Friday event at the Precision Metal Association in West Michigan, it took Stabenow and her aide a full minute to figure out how to take the elevator to the second floor.


“Second floor, okay, second floor,” the pair repeats to each other after hitting the “up” button for the elevators.

“It says parking,” Stabenow said confusedly.

The two got out of the elevator, went back and pressed the “up” button again and waited for another elevator to open, only to return to the elevator they were in for the first place.

“Are you sure its on the second floor?” Stabenow asked again. “Okay, second floor parking, okay.”

The aide pressed the “up” button again before Stabenow’s elevator had begun moving, forcing the doors to reopen.

After another back and forth exchange with the aide, Stabenow finally got the elevator doors to close and headed on her way.

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