Stephanie Ruhle: ‘I’m Rooting For The Administration’


Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle insisted in a Friday interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t have “exceptionally strong political views” and is “rooting for the [Trump] administration.”

Ruhle challenged the president’s assertion that the establishment media is out to get him, explaining, “I can only speak for myself: I’m rooting for the administration. I root for the president.”

“The things we’re forced to go after are most often unforced errors. On a regular basis, the president is lying. Does it mean we’re attacking him, or I’m attacking him when I go after him? I’m not attacking the president,” she continued.

Ruhle also said that she does not have “exceptionally strong political views” or loyalty to a certain party or person.

“I think I have a loyalty to try to make the best news show I can every day. … And, knock on wood, so far it’s really working,” she said.

Despite her assertions, Ruhle has used her platform on MSNBC to push for gun control and to spread misinformation about Planned Parenthood. (RELATED: MSNBC Host Fudges Facts On Planned Parenthood)

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