Tucker Fact-Checks Former Dem Governor O’Malley

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson fact-checked former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley during a Friday interview on illegal immigration.


O’Malley, who served two terms as a Democratic governor in Maryland, insisted that illegal immigration is not as big of a problem as it has been historically because border crossings are down.

“I don’t believe that the level of immigration, even sum-total, is much greater than it’s been at other times in our nation’s history,” O’Malley argued. “Actually, in fact, border crossings in Mexico are at about a 46-year low.”

“That’s untrue,” Carlson interjected. “Oh, I’m sorry, you unveiled the fake statistic in the wrong forum.”

“Actually,” The Daily Caller co-founder continued, “apprehensions of illegal immigrants are up three times this month over this month last year, so in fact they’re up.”

O’Malley seemed displeased with this statistic and added, “Let’s tell Donald Trump everything he’s done to make America an unwelcoming place for immigrants has worked.”

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