CNN Guest: Trump Trying To Scare ‘White People In His Base’ With ‘Fear Politics’

Justin Caruso Contributor

The Hill’s Brent Budowsky appeared on CNN’s “New Day Saturday” and claimed that President Trump is trying to use fear to persuade “the white people in his base” on illegal immigration.


“What’s really happening here is that Trump sees a shot on Fox News about a caravan, and he plays the politics of trying to persuade, to be honest, the white people in his base that the hordes of Hispanics coming from foreign countries are going to invade the United States. That’s utter nonsense. It’s fear politics,” Budowsky said. (RELATED: CNN Correspondent: Migrant Caravan ‘Takes Issue’ With How Trump Talks About Them)

“I could go on about the things that Trump has done that have hurt Hispanics–this is just one of them. We’ve got better things to spend money on than a wall that I predict will never be built, and sending the national guard for a mission that takes them away from more important things and will do very little good.”

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