Vicente Fox Peddling Vulgar Anti-Trump T-Shirts For His Nonprofit

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Former Mexican president Vicente Fox is hawking a new line of anti-Trump t-shirts, and he’s hoping the “Resistance” won’t be able to resist.

The shirts were created as a way to raise money for Fox’s nonprofit organization. They depict President Trump as a baby wearing a soiled American flag diaper and building a wall with Lego-style toy blocks. “Can’t build a wall if your hands are too small,” the shirts say, playing on a 2016 presidential campaign joke used by Marco Rubio during one of their debates.

The shirt is purportedly to raise money for Centro Fox, a group that seeks to, according to the organization’s website, “develop training for leaders dedicated to serving their community in Mexico and Latin America.”

The former Mexican president has become a vocal opponent of President Trump, especially when it comes to the idea of a wall between the United States and Mexico.

“This isn’t just about the wall, it’s about ACCEPTANCE, EQUALITY and INCLUSION of all people! Stand up for what you believe in!” reads a quote from Fox on the shirt’s website.

Fox’s term in office as Mexico’s president saw the exponential growth of several drug car cartels, most notably the infamous Los Zetas, a group that wreaked havoc on both sides of the Texas Mexico border.

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