Boost Your Core Strength Up To 50% With This Innovative Fitness Machine

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If you’re busy and don’t have time to hit up the gym, it’s a smart idea to invest in exercise equipment that will help you stay fit from home. You can do just that — while boosting your core strength by up to 50% — with the Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine.

Normally $2000, this fitness machine is 86 percent off

Normally $2000, this fitness machine is 86 percent off

Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine on sale for $259.99

Here’s how it works. The machine uses safe, gentle oscillating vibrations to stimulate the cells in your bones and muscles. With three vibrations motions to choose from — including linear, oscillating, and tri-planar — all you need to do is work out for 10 minutes a day for as little as three weeks to start seeing incredible results. Meaning, you’ll notice toned muscles, burned fat, and reduced back as well as joint pain in less than a month!

Beyond improving your overall health and well-being, the fitness machine also increases your flexibility and strength. So, it’s a weight loss and strength training tool all in one portable machine, empowering you to work out when and where it’s most convenient for you. Even better, it helps your body in ways you probably don’t think about every day. This means the Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while fighting osteoporosis too.

Get fit from home in as little as three weeks for $259.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 86% off the original price of $1,999.

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