Bill Kristol On Cohen Office Raid: ‘This Is War’ Between Trump And Mueller

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Bill Kristol said that the raid of Michael Cohen’s office was a “huge escalation” on CNN Monday.

“We’re close to the end game.”


“This is a huge escalation. They obviously can’t use privileged documents, they’ll have to set those aside, they’ll be reviewed by a third party…but this is war,” Kristol said.

“I believe this shows that we are very close now to the end game. You do not go bust in with a–to get a judge to give you a warrant to search the president’s personal lawyer’s office unless you think you are close to the end of this, you are getting important information.”

“The president is now–the president is now going to go to war against him, if the president’s ever thought about trying to fire Mueller, or pardon people, this is the moment where it goes to the very front of his mind.”

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